Date of registration of Brisbane Flying Group Pty. Ltd. was 27th November 1972 with initial 11 members.

Of long servings members Warren Burrows is note worthy. He joined the group 21st March, 1973, and was there almost from the start of the company. He was a director from 30th August 1974 to 31st May, 2001 when he sold his share and retired from the group. He was chairman from 8th December 1982 until 13th February 1991.

While all the early details of the people and planes owned between 1972 and 1975 are still being sourced, we start at 1975 with an extract from the Queensland Air Museums website of one of our original planes Alpha Whiskey Charlie:

“13FEB75 Registered to Brisbane Flying Group, Kelvin Grove, Qld. Brisbane Flying Group Pty Ltd (BFG) was a company established to provide low cost flying for pilots. VH-AWC was placed on the Sunland Aviation line and made available for charter operations with Sunland pilots when group members were not wanting the aircraft. VH-AWC was affectionately known as “Ave a Whiskey Charlie”. (Source: Warren Burrows, Maintenance and Security Director of BFG) One well-known member of the Brisbane Flying Group was Brisbane radio announcer John Knox. John recalls many happy hours flying VH-AWC with his wife Val who was treasurer of the group. In addition to the more familiar "Ave a Whiskey Charlie", the aeroplane was also known for a time as the "Flying Crocodile". This name resulted from the efforts of several well-meaning group members who thought that they could save money for the club by painting the aeroplane themselves. Unfortunately, the second coat was applied before the first coat had cured and the paint took on the cracked appearance of crocodile skin! (This misadventure probably had its culmination in the February 1976 repaint mentioned below).

John also recalls one noteworthy flight from Archerfield to Tuncurry (Forster) with Senator Neville Bonner as a passenger. (Neville Bonner was Australia's first Aboriginal Senator). Shortly after departure from Archerfield, the storm window flew open and John had to effect a temporary repair with a shoelace borrowed from the good Senator! They returned to Archerfield immediately where the storm window was quickly repaired. (Log Book No 2 records on 27JUL76 "DV window repaired" so this may refer to the incident in question).”


Following on from this in 1982 the only aircraft was a Tiger, VH-IGI, which the Group had purchased new in 1980 for $33,000.
The aircraft the Group owned from 1980 and IGI onwards as follows:

1980 - purchased Tiger VH-IGI
1985 - purchased Tiger VH-WPY
1993 - sold VH-IGI, purchased Tiger VH-AVD
1995 - Total loss of VH-WPY at Mt. Warning, NSW. Suicide - one fatality. Full insurance payout.
1996 - Purchased Tiger VH-WPM in USA and shipped to Brisbane

1999 - Purchased Tiger VH-WPZ
2000 - Total loss of VH-AVD at Orchid Beach, Fraser Island. Nil injuries. Full insurance payout.
2000 - Purchased Tiger VH-WPQ from Albany, Western Australia.
2008 - Sold VH-WPM
2010 - Total loss of VH-WPQ at Murgon. Nil injuries. Full insurance payout.
2011 - Purchased C172S VH-WPL 1st February.

So that's a brief summary of our history and we are keen to here from anyone who could further update us with more history about the Group.

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